1. Fabricated ultrasonically tested steel construction of frame :
Frame is fabricated from prime steel plates of proper thickness for greater strength & rigidity. All frame is designed on latest softwares to resist any deflection & capable enough to withstand high pressure & vibration damping capabilities.
2. Accurate slide Guiding Arrangement :
Different kind of guiding arrangement are provided to suit the application of the press long guiding length & suitable guide with centralized lubrication system is provided in the presses. Please refer following pictures.
3. Bottom Cushioning Arrangement :
The function of the draw cushion is to hold the blank during deep drawing operations. The cushion thus prevents the formation of wrinkles & as a resuet of the ejection function, raises the parts to the transport level or ejection level during the return motion of the slide. The cushion is designed for about 30% of the main ram tonnage when in cushion mode.
4. Stroke Limiters & Damping device :
Mechanical stoppers are provided as a safety feature to limit the maximum stroke of the main ram after pressing, to protect the tool from damage.
5. Most Reliable Hydraulic Drive System :
'PRESSWEL' hydraulic system is most reliable & the backbone of hydraulic presses. It involves a compact manifold Block to avoid piping thus less chance of any leakages in the system so pressure will remain constant throughout the cycle. All the valves are internationally reputed make, so reliability is more. High quality indigenously made precision hydraulic cylinders with low friction PTFE seals with 60%. Bronze guide tapes ensure operation & long life of the press.
6. Control System :
The press controls are designed into a panel which is mounted at type level on the press. A TFT Flat panel with touch screen & key pad of world renowned "Allen-Bradley" is provided so graphical display of control information, indication of activation status of slide, cushioning & ejection operations are possible. The blank holder, main slide & cushion stroke are infinitely variable. Slide reversal is either by limit switch or pressure switch sensing. The blank holder, main slide & cushion pressures are individually controllable between 10-100% of tonnage throughout the stroke. Individual pressure control of the various blank holder cylinders or multi point cushion can be provided for drawing of complicated & asymmetrical pasts.
7. Operator's Safety Systems :
  • Two hand push buttons operation facility to engage operators hand.
  • Photo-electric safety guards & hydraulic / mechanical operated moving protected guards may be provided at the front & back side.
  • Hydraulic locking of the main slide & Blank holder at top dead centre (TDC) to ensure safety when operator is working in the tooling area or under the moving ram.
  • Electronic safety inter locking arrangement to ensure proper sequencing of operations.
8. Accuratel Slide Parallelism arrangement :
A slide position sensor to detect deviation & the servo valve to increase pressure on underside of the piston are provided & at the same time the pressure on other connecting pipe is reduced. The maximum deviation measured at the parallel control cylinders is between 0.6 & 0.8 mm during drawing, bending, smc moulding & other forming operations.